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Dreaming of an effortless access to surf?

Imagine an effortless access to surf.

Sleep near the best surf break in Bali

Staying walking distance to the Uluwatu world-class breaks.

KALA SURFCAMP is built to deliver a memorable surfing holiday

KALA SURFCAMP is here to make this possible!

Tropical surfing at its best.

You'll meet your kind of people, find buddies. Here we all share the same interest, just different skill level, cos KALA SURFCAMP satisfies everyone from beginner to expert. Ready to experience this?

International surf vibe.

Here we all enjoy top quality surfing at our doorstep. Surfing unites us. You'll be pampered and cared for, making departure hard! A memorable experience you'll wanna return to. Ever tried an easy tropical life?

All encompassing approach.

We offer comfort, guidance, training, a wide variety of selected adventures, western quality and hygiene. You will be fully immersed in the local culture.