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You can call it paradise!



We offer selected destinations packages.

Welcome to the KALA SURFCAMP family

The original and natural Bali is marvelous. There is so much to see in Bali that it can be overwelming.

To go shopping for tours and adventures can be quite a daunting task.

So we took on the heavy task of extensively try them all ourselves… and we’ve select the most astounding experiences to offer you! So you don’t need to go shop for.

Learn more about Bali and check out these amazing places.

surf day expeditions

We organize day trips to the best Bali waves on both coast.

Welcome to the KALA SURFCAMP family

We organise excursions to the best surf spots beyond this southern big peninsula. After a wind & swell check we pick the best spot for today conditions, or every level, from beginner to expert.

Trips include transportation, an expert surf guide, and all necessary equipment.

Benefits of Surf Day Trips:

40 surf spots in Bali form the basis for every surf level. You can surf all year round in warm water temperature (26-30 °C), so leave your wetsuit at home.

Trade winds ensure offshore conditions on the west coast of Bali from April to November, the dry season. From December to March, the wind create perfect conditions on the east coast.

Between July and September the biggest swells reach this unique surfing area. If you know your way around, perfect waves for all levels can be found in Bali all year round!

We go to one or two other spots 6 days a week.

All surf tours can include video analysis and professional pictures on request.

We can also plan personal excursion destinations, or private tours with your surf guide at surf spots, according to your request.

Just call us or write a message via Whatsapp after your arrival.

If you have any questions before your stay, please send an email to contact@kala.surf.

Fun is the goal!

West coast surf spots

Welcome to the KALA SURFCAMP family

East coast surf spots

KALA SURFCAMP daily tour to Keramas


A very special day trip.

Welcome to the KALA SURFCAMP family

The KALA SURFCAMP day trip to Nusa Penida in Bali is an unforgettable experience that offers breathtaking sights and exotic adventures. Definitely a must visit!

Located east of Bali Nusa Penida, a prison island in the past, is now a world famous tourist attraction.

Stunning natural landscapes, pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and towering cliffs. It offers adventurous activities, such as snorkelling with manta rays, cliff jumping, and hiking to hidden waterfalls.

Welcome to the KALA SURFCAMP family





Famous Landmarks

Atuh Beach, Broken Beach, Broken Beach (Pasih Uug), Crystal Bay, Goa Giri Putri Temple, Kelingking Beach, Pura Paluang Car Temple, Rumah Pohon Treehouse, Seganing Waterfall and the Teletubbies Hills.


Witness the breathtaking sight of the sun rising over Bali volcanoes.

Witness the breathtaking sight of the sun rising over Bali’s volcanoes.

We’ll hike to the summit of Mount Batur map, an active volcano in central Kintamani area map.

Starting early in the morning we reach the summit before sunrise.

This is the best time to witness the panoramic view of Bali’s landscape.


Artisans, handicraft, lush green and yoga centres. A less known Bali experience.

Give yourself a new perspective on Bali. The KALA SURFCAMP day trip to Ubud is a perfect way to experience the beauty of Bali’s rice fields, waterfalls, and temples.

Welcome to the KALA SURFCAMP family

Ubud, located in the central part of Bali, is a popular destination for tourists seeking to immerse themselves in Balinese culture and traditions.

Magnificent lush rainforest besides the cheeky monkeys.

You will have to be careful to secure your personal belongings, cos those are grabby monkeys! map

Ubud rice fields

Welcome to the KALA SURFCAMP family

We’ll visit the rice fields and taste fresh tea or coffee.

Tegallalang Rice Fields is a must-visit destination in Ubud. map

Witness the picturesque view of local rice paddies.

Try the swing or take a picture on the traditional Balinese bridge.

Ubud market

The market many small shops offer a wide range of goods and services.

From hand crafted souvenirs to a wide selection of food, garments, T-shirts and sarongs. map

Ubud temples

Welcome to the KALA SURFCAMP family

Learn about Balinese culture, rituals and traditions.

Ubud is home to several classic Bali style Hindu temples such as Tirta Empul map and Goa Gajah map.

Respectful behaviour and dress, no bikini, is required when visiting temples.

Ubud Waterfalls

Tegenungan Waterfall is the most popular waterfall in Ubud. map

Take a dip or swim in the waterfall’s natural pool.

You can also trek to nearby waterfalls such as Kanto Lampo map and Tibumana map.

hiking trips

get immersed in the local environment

KALA offers excursion destinations and hiking trips. Informations are available at KALA SURF CAMP reception desk.